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Play Iron Maiden The Final Frontier online flash game


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Use the arrow keys to manoeuvre Eddie's ship in flash game Iron Maiden The Final Frontier. Collect weapons to help defeat the pirates. Press space to fire your weapons and 1-4 to cycle through your available weapons. Collect the cargo using the grappling hook on Eddie's ship which will deploy automatically when in range of cargo.
Deliver the cargo back to the cargoship in flash game. The cargoship doors will automatically open when your cargo is in range. The scanner in online game will help you navigate around each area. Red dots show enemies nearby. The yellow dot shows your cargoship. The green dots show collectable cargo.
Your remaining fuel in flash game and shield strength is shown in the two bars at the top of the screen. You can replenish Fuel and Shield in game by collecting the relevant pickups. Improve your score by collecting the points bonus.
Press the pause button to bring up your area map. You can press the escape key in online game for free to pause without bringing up the map.
There are 2 bonus letters to pick up on each level. Collect both of them and unlock a downloadable Iron Maiden wallpaper. To access your wallpaper click the bonus items on the Level Select.