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Play Janes Realty online flash game


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Janes Realty is a good flash game where you can check your business and construction skills. Each level of online game will offer you different tasks to fulfill. Click lot to see all its options below the screen. Power Plants and Water Towers are prerequisites for construction. Then choose the lot where you would like to build it.
You can view the bar with money you currently have in flash game. To finish a level you have to complete all the level goals. To build a house you will need to buy a lot that is the right size for it. Select the house available for construction from the House List that is located on the Control Panel in lower left hand corner of the screen. Once you have built a house, click on the key icon next to it. Click a furniture icon at the bottom of the screen and then move your cursor up to the house. You goal is to fill the progress bar at the top in order to get top dollar for the house. Then press Rent button. After leasing the house it will periodically give you rent but you must collect it on time. If the circular rent icon fills up you will miss out the rent money. To construct your next building you will need to upgrade the Power Plant and Water Tower. The green bars indicate the amount energy and water being used.
The building needs to be repaired. Click on it. Then click the repair button on the Service List on the Control Panel in online game.