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Play Journey of the mouse online flash game


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Play online game Journey of the mouse and choose a boy or a girl mouse (later you can change these settings in the Main menu).
Click on the Mouse to start the game. Control the character using mouse and collect all food items. Get the big cheese to finish the level.
Between-level shop id the place where you can buy items to use in next level using your coin balance.
Avoid hitting the blue colored electrified walls. They are very dangerous. Your tail (even a very tip) can kill you if it touches any of the bad items. If you collect all food items you have a chance to get a gift box – a bonus level full of useful items. But you have only limited time there, so try to collect as many items as possible.
Be careful with rotating blades, they are very dangerous, sometimes it will be movable too. Double left mouse click to shoot. Space bar to jump. P – pause, Esc – options menu, X – activate power.
Collect items to get score: cheese, cakes, cherries, and juice.
Tutorial Popups will show you some useful tips. You need to collect this Big Cheese to finished the level.
Don’t get trapped into a mouse trap. You need to fire and explode the mouse trap before passing it. Double click on the mouse to activate the firing aim mode. Move your mouse and aim the mouse trap, when the cursor is in blue color, single click to fire.
Moving walls will squeeze you. Red colored wall are dangerous too. Wait until its going off.
If you fall inside the dangerous wall you are dead. You need to make a jump to pass this. Left click to activate jumping aim mode, while standing on the edge of the hole. While holding the mouse button, move your mouse and set the jumping position. Release the mouse button to make a jump. Move your mouse slowly and carefully not to fall inside.
Static, moving blades will slice you to dead.
Fire will burn you. Avoid touching those fires. Wait until its turned off, then make a move.
Cat is your enemy stay away from him.
Extra powers: armor power – often saves you from dangerous things like blades, walls, etc. Magic transport power – teleport from one location to another location magically. Relax of time – pauses and deactivates the dangerous objects for few seconds. Heart – when you buy the heart item it will add one more life to you.
Every 5th level will be bigger and will have two rooms.