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In Kickflip free online sport game you will perform different tricks on a board and get scores. Combine trick keys with direction keys for other tricks. Try to do as many tricks as you can. The more you repeat the same trick per jump, the less points you get for it, so try to do a different trick each time. The more tricks you do in a row without landing, the higher your trick combo score multiplier gets. Grinding/sliding and doing a manual in landing moment do not count as a normal landing so you can use those to continue trick chain in flash game.
Press direction keys to move,. Keep jump key pressed to move faster and charge jump force. To jump release jump key. Get most out of your jump be charging the jump force and then jump off while also having a good ground roll/angle momentum. Press Flip in air to do tricks in sport flash game. Press Grind key above rails to grind. You can perform the following flips: kick flip, heel flip, 360 flip, 360 heel flip, hard flip and inward heelflip. There are such grinds as: 5.0 grind, backside 45 grind, frontside noseslide grind, nose grind, frontside noseblunt grind and frontside bluntslide grind.