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The hero, Sir Duke Bugwalker was called in for one last secret mission. With tears in her eyes, Duke's wife bid him farewell and wished him good luck. Not long has passed after Duke's departure that a horrible plague swept across his home town.
The notorius villain king bumblebee and his marauders moved in, setting everything on fire and kidnapping duke's wife.
Play online game Ladybug Journey and help her return back. Miles away, Duke senses something is wrong - he's not quite sure why, but he simply knows his wife's in danger. Without hesitation, he turns back to check up on her. Little did he know he was in for a big surprise on his way back.
In flash game you see, king Bumblebee rounded up the meanest bunch of marauders the forest has ever seen with the sole purpose of stopping Duke on his way back. Will our hero survive in flash game? Will he ever see his wife again? Thus begins the longest journey of his life.