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In The Last Village online game you will defend your village from enemy invasion. You can train 5 different armies to help you protect the village. Each army is led by a commander who has a special ability. At the top left corner you can see how many days you have kept the village unharmed. Every time you end your round, the number will increase by one.
At the top center in flash game you can see your resources statistics, which consists of Gold, Food, Iron, Wood and the population of your village. Do not forget to keep your resources stocked. At the right you can switch to other statistics of your weapons as well as troop count. At the top right is one of the most important parts of online game, the minimap. From here you can see the position of each commander and his troops, the enemy's attack direction, and the condition of buildings in your village. On the right is the list of buildings that can help you set up your defense.
You cannot build in just any place. If you are on the right spot, the icon in the panel will light up. That means you can build the objects in that map in flash game. Remember, every building essential function is to help defend the village. Mouse over the building to find out its function. Some building can be upgraded to increase productivity. This affects the quality of these buildings' ability to defend the village.