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Play Launch to Valhalla online flash game


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Valhalla is a mythical Viking’s paradise. Every warrior wants to get there. But now it’s impossible. Evil creatures have taken over Valhalla. Yet there is still hope in you. Use your mighty hummer, get rid of all creatures and enter to Valhalla.
In the shop select and buy some of the upgrades: strength – solid training will help you put more punch in those hammer swings. Bullet time – focus more on punches and will feel like time flows is slower. Energy regain – its all about breathing techniques. Energy usage – you could get more swings before being dead tired. Gold find – knowing how to find more gold on creatures is useful. Ogre’s weapon – if you want ogre to launch you higher in the air that it.
Play free online game Launch to Valhalla and see how high you can get.