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Play Legend - The Golden Bird of Paradise online flash game


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The intense time in your first Legend adventure has left its mark. You really need a vocation. At last you reach your destination: a very small airfield. You've got to find your suitcase first.
In flash game Legend - The Golden Bird of Paradise you need to solve the sparkling area to reveal a blue item. There are some items on the left you need to find in order to continue your journey. There are some items in flash game that you can open only using another item. For instance a wooden crate, it seems you need to find something that can crack open the lid. Some items are useful and go into your inventory. You will need these items later during your journey in flash game. Move over the inventory to look at the items you found.
To have an overview of all items in your inventory you can click the trunk. Simply drag the item to a spot where you want to use it. Try to find all the gems hidden all over the island. They will be useful for you in free online game. When the hint timer is full, you can use the hint system to find well-hidden objects. Click on the hint system to activate it.
Clicking on items you don't need to find will move the cursor around. This will cost you points at the end of the journey.