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Play The Legend of Golden Mask online flash game


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The old house used to belong to your imaginary grandfather, but it has stood empty since his mysterious disappearance many years ago. Your online imaginary mom and you are now moving in to take care of the family estate.
Your grandfather was a famous explorer who traveled through the jungles of Latin America looking for lost temples and treasures. You are so sad that you never got to meet him.
The house sure is a mess. Before your mom and you settle in. You need to sort through all the old items that are scattered around the rooms. As your mom likes to say, let's take it from the top. That means the attic, one of the messiest rooms in the whole house. There are a few particular item's you'd like to clean up first. Now you have a list of things to clean. Find each item in flash game in the picture by clicking on it. Keep an eye out for any glimmering items - they are special pieces. As soon as you find a piece of your grandfather's map and a sketch, try to find more pieces of the diary in flash game.
If you have some extra time left, you can look for a few additional items. If you fins the items marked in yellow, you will receive bonus points. You can still solve the puzzle without them, but locating them will get you a better score in free online game.
Remember, there's a big mess here and you are only looking for specific items. If you click in the wrong spot, you will receive a time deduction.
After you find all the pieces of the map, try to put the map together and see what mystery it holds.
Drag the map pieces using the mouse. Whenever you put two correct pieces together. you will clue them into one bigger piece in free flash game The Legend of Golden Mask.