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Play Let It Ride online flash game


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To play Let It Ride online game you have to click on the chip amount you wish to bet. All three play circles will fill with chips. Press the Deal button to get cards. Determine if your hand is worth Keeping or Dropping one of your bets. The dealer will turn over one of the community cards and you have the option to keep or drop another bet. Winners are then decided based on the payout charts on the table.
Click on the table to begin a new hand.
The Player bets on all three positions at the same time of equal amounts. Three cards to the player and two community cards are dealt. After seeing your three cards you have the option to remove one of your bets or to "Left it Ride". One of the community cards is turned over and you have the option to remove another of your bets or to "Let it Ride". The second community card is turned over and winners are paid based on the payout table which can be seen on the Game Table.