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Play Lethal War Zone online flash game


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In Lethal War Zone you will need to do all your best in order to compete your enemy. To perform this follow some important tips through the game. Check you have enough resources to make the building. Then click on the icon of the building to start the process. When the process has finished, click again on the icon and place the building on the map.
Check you have enough resources in flash game to make the unit. Then click on the icon of the unit to start the process. When it is done the unit will appear on the machine center.
With a ground unit you can capture any oil driller which will increase your income in online war game.
Select the unit you want to move and click in any zone to move it. You can also assign your current units to a team to select them faster if you want to take them again. Air units can only be selected while flying if they are assigned to a team in flash game. Tower requisites: 1 towers which require machine center, 2 towers which require machine and communication canter.
First of all you need to capture any oil driller to increase your income. Select any ground unit clicking on it.