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Crunch free flash game is a math game, where you have to solve the equation using the combination of numbers connected to the boxes you see in front of you on the screen. There are more numbers than you need to use, so you decide what number to use in order to have correct equation. The game has limitations in time: the game starts with 30 seconds to play, but the time might change through the levels. You will also have 5 lives till you finely and completely lose. Check you math skills and practice for more knowledge.

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In Battle Math online game you main aim will be to defend your house from angry bees and flame. In order to manage the task you need to show your good knowledge in math. Each bee has a math equation. Type your answer correctly and press Enter. Then the wave of bees will increase, and you will need to solve each equation faster and faster. The game has 12 levels-days, to protect the house. You will see a scale of your lives in the left bottom corner. Try not let this creatures reach you house. The more you miss the fewer lives you will have left.

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Travel Pursuit is online game of knowledge where you must answer questions correctly to earn points. If you answer correctly at least three questions per round, you gain a bonus question for a chance to earn extra points if you answer correctly.

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In Teachers Pet flash game you are a teacher’s pet, and your favorite teacher is Miss Penelope, the science teacher, who’s been kidnapped by evil masters and hidden in the mine shaft behind a series of questions. They’ve kidnapped Miss Penelope because they know she helps you learn and they don’t want you to learn, they want you to end up working in the mine. At the bottom of the screen is your willpower indicator. It starts off full, and gradually drains until empty. Once empty the game is over. However willpower can be replenished by eating the apples left laying around.

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In Brain Safari free online game you will have the opportunity to practice and check your skills. The game contains several mini-games: analyze, calculate, memory and visual. Before playing, try to practice in order to show good results. At the end of the game you see the table with your score which you can improve with another try/game.
Each type of game consists of two.
In Analyze game you need: 1 – select the heaviest object on the scales, 2 - count the number of selected object.

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Quick Math online game is very easy to play when you know math very good. Your aim is to pick up the symbol to complete the equation as quickly as possible. There is 4 buttons to click among which you choose: addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. The time is limited, and you can get different scores according to the time you spend. In case you don’t like the result of the game try to play again. You can play every day to train your skills of fast reaction and of course practice your math knowledge.

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Maths Power free online game is going to check your math skills evidently for time. Show your knowledge and fast reaction. Use mouse to control. This is a game that has 10 stages, wherein you have to choose the numbers to get the required end results. The game starts off simply with additions and subtractions, but as the level goes up, it gets more complicated, but remains fairly easy to complete. When you reach the 10th stage, there are more calculations to do, and it becomes that much more difficult, as the game has to be completed within the stipulated time of 100 seconds.

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In Idea Workshop free flash game you will have the opportunity to check your vocabulary knowledge. Check whether you will be able to match all lacking letters with possible ending of the word. To interact use mouse. Click on a blend from the list on the left. Then click on one of the partial words to finish it. There are numerous words to match. Each level has 10 words, and there is infinite number of levels. Point to the end of the word and see the picture which will definitely help you to decide and guess.

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In Flags of the World free flash game you will have the opportunity to check your knowledge of different countries flags. The game has twenty interesting levels. This dynamic quiz will provide you with entertaining spare time for you and all of your family. The game will check your knowledge and teach some new interesting facts. You can memorize new flags which you didn’t know before. High scores table is accessible for you to compare results with players all over the world. Choose the correct answer during 20 seconds. In case you do it less then in 10 seconds you get a bonus.

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Play online game School's in session and get ready for school with Mickey and the Gang. The teacher has put together three assignments that you can play in any order you want. Select among: shape stumper, math mania, and finders keepers.
Any time left over at the end of the assignment will be added to your score. If you answer all of the questions in an assignment correctly, you earn bonus points.

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Press the 1,5,10 or 25 buttons so they add up to equal the match numbers. Each match you make will remove one Lev block. Remove all the Lev blocks and the time will reset. The Lev blocks will also reset and increase by one.

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This game is good for kind but you also can practice. Your aim is to point the item on the screen according to the world you see in the center. The faster you do this the better. There are 4 levels are you can make sure that the world are quite easy.

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If you ever wondered if you could be a surgeon or dreamt of it, here is your chance. You need to perform a real Leg Surgery for a few patients using the latest inventions in the field of surgery. Be very atentive to each of your patients and be quick enough to finish in the amount of time provided.
I guess the game is not for everyone. If you are sensitive, better not to try.
Play Leg Surgery online for free at

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Did you know they had math back in the Stone Age? Your task is to add the stones with the numbers that are falling down to get the number on the right. There are many levels in the game, the number is different each time, as well as the speed the numbers falling down.
I guess, this game should be given by prescription - it is indeed very useful for the brain!
Play Stone Age online, add it to bookmarks - you'll love it!