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Vampires legends date as far back as ancient Egypt and Sumeria. The first appearance of the word vampire in English dates from 1734. In Cuba in 1977 there were reports of goats being attacked and drained of their blood.
Now its your turn to prove they exist and turn all people into vampire race in Vampire cannon free flash game. Shoot a vampire with your cannon, but first try to hit the human. Increase the force of your shoot by moving the mouse further away from the cannon. Priests will kill your vampires. Be careful.

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Your goal in Teelombies infection puzzle online game is to infect all the people and gain gold. Launch zombies into the humans, they will run and bite the surrounding people.

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There are 50 levels to play where you will have the same task to blast the Griffins out the platform to win .To place bomb - click, to detonate – press Space. Place bombs however you want. In case you placed wrong, no problem, click on the bomb again, and place it where you want. There are different types of bad Griffins. Be careful – you don’t want to blast out the angel, otherwise you will lose the level. In case you don’t like your results press restart and try again. There are also black griffins which are hard to get rid of. In each level you will have different amount of bombs.

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Your objective in Rich mine 2 only game is to cut the rope and get the purple gem to the gnome in each level. Cut the ropes to make the jewel reach Mr.Gnome’s open bag. Collect the coins by touching them with the jewel. Press “restart” or use “space” key to replay a level. Beware of enemies, they destroy the coins, jewel and make Mr.Gnome sad. Avoid obstacles like animals, spikes and use crates to your advantage. The arrow changes a movement direction. Play online game with numerous levels and have fun with such entertaining game genre.

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Your task in Peter the penguin puzzle online game is to help Peter the Penguin stop the global warming. Oh my God. The global warming is speeding up like a pocket, so help Peter the penguin to stop it. Use your point and click skills to lead peter on his journey through the Antarctica and save the mankind – it’s in your hands. Grab different items you see and try to make use of them. Think wisely and apply the items carefully. In case you got into trouble, don’t worry, you can always restart the level. First level will challenge you a lot, so you won’t have time to rest. Beware of dangers.

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Your task in Feed the panda free flash game is to feed papa panda to complete each level. Collect yin-yang symbols for a bonus. Feed baby pandas for a bonus. Pop the bubble to release the sweet. Don’t let it float away. There are 30 levels to complete. Play famous game genre and enjoy colorful graphics, cute characters, and entertaining gameplay. The game has something in common with mobile game Cut the rope. So you with need to estimate possible rope swing, and cut it in such a way so the candy drops right into the panda’s mouse.

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Play new online game Penguin slice valentine. Click and hold to start the slice. Release to the mouse to perform the slice. Good guys must survive. Be careful you need to destroy only angry penguins. Don’t harm their babies. You will be able to beat all 60 levels in this fun physics puzzler. Use mouse, left click and hold to draw a line. Colorful graphics will make the gameplay more interesting. Enjoy a new puzzle game with variety of levels, and more worlds to open. After you complete levels in one world, another is available for you.

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Drag and place bombs, then click Start. Press P or Esc to pause. The aim is to destroy the robot using various mechanisms and buttons. Move objects with the help of the bombs. Hover your mouse over the button to reveal what it activates. Use not only bombs but also boxes to activate things. Push the button with the cannon. Click and drag to set the cannon’s force and direction. Click and drag to set the springboard’s force and the direction. Press Start to initiate the reaction.

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This is a famous 3 in row puzzle game. In Megtucnu free flash game you will need to combine and explode one color blocks. This is not easy, moreover with each time the screen will get smaller. Each 10 turns the row from the right is falling apart. Combine more than 3 stones and get bonuses among which are additional turns.

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Sunshine Beach is a great memory flash game, which will test your skills and your brain. Flip the memory cards and try to find the same pictures as soon as possible.

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In Clockwork maze free online game little balls are stuck in a strange maze. Help them to get out!

Use mouse to rotate levels of the maze (each of them is a giant gear). Get balls to the exit safe and intact to complete level. Solve puzzles using gravity and centrifugal force at 25 levels.

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Welcome to Saunavihta Vortex. What you need to do is to remove the white blocks, avoiding the monsters so that the little guy gets kicked to the sauna. Vortexes teleport you to a new place. Each level has something added. The difficulty poses that fact that we do not see the whole screen - only a part of it, so you'll need to react quickly.
Have fun - play the game online.

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It's time to pick up the apples in your Apple Orchard. All you need to do is to put wood sticks and the bouncer in the right places, then press the cloud to get some wind that will blow the apples off. There are 25 levels of the online game - that's a good indication that you won't be bored. Play Apple Orchard for free at

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From the creators of Mad Shapes come the sequel - Mad Shapes 2 - box revenge. The objective stays the same - you need to make same color shapes collide to remove them from the screen. Each level gets more and more difficult as you proceed.
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