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There are lots of Mad Shapes everywhere. The only way to clean up everything from them is to make them collide with the same color figures that yo can place on the field. The shapes are mad because they can change their shapes and colors, as well as gravity.
There is no limit as for how many times you can play the game online. Besides, it is free.

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New Year is almost here! Althougth, the gifts are not delivered yet. That's why you'll need to turn into a Gifts Pusher^ push the gift to its designated area with the mouse. There are other handy things as you play along. Also, there will be some obstacles. Use the mouse or other objects to get to the goal. Like the game? Play it online for free.

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Bunny on Farm is also working. He needs to plant as all the carrots on the uncultivated fields and exit being on each segment only once. The scarecrow is quite annoying as there could be another carrot. More than that - you'll need to think even harder how to make it around it. The game is very addicting and involving, so be ready to spend some time online to play as much as you want.

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The Smurfs: Handy's car is another online game about Smurfs. This time Handy Smurf needs wants to test your knowledge of carbuilding. Try to assemble his car - put all parts into the right places. If you make a mistake, Handy Smurf will point it out. Once you get it, the parts get attached together. You'll deffinitely enjoy to play this game!

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Trap the penguin or the duck inside the field, so that they can't escape - create the Trapr, as that's the only way to win. These guys are very smart, so think a few steps ahead or you'll need to start over. To play the game online you'll need the flashplayer up to date installed.

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Help the Penguin to escape to the Antarctic. The only way to do it is to solve the puzzle that is quite tricky sometimes. In case if you make a mistake, there is always a possibility to restart the level. So, don't get upset if you have to play over and over. There is also a possibility to create an account and add online games that you like to your favorites.

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Sand Drops are so rare in the desert! The only way to get at least some water is to solve the puzzle. Play the game online: use the drop patterns of the same color to collect the water. Can you finish the game? Well, there are 60 levels, so get some patience :)

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William the Chameleon doesn't like to be noticed. Help him to blend in with the surrondings - move him over to the place that matches his color.
There are 20 levels, i.e. enough room to practice. William the Chameleon 2 is a free online game that you can play at

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The objective of the Blow-Ball online shooter game is to clear the screen from the bubbles. Use the energy of the red bubble that transfers the energy to the other bubble after popping. Choose the puzzle mode is you want to strain your brain, although you can have only one try. If you want to take it easy, play the game in the arcade mode.

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Complete each level by choosing the circle with unique icon. There are many levels you can play online. The game get more and more difficult with each following level - there are more icons and the colors start changing.
How attentive are you? Test your abilities and have fun!

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The objective of the Pyramid online game is to place the numbers in the right order from the bottom to the top. When you press the triangle, the 3 closest adjacent balls with the numbers will change their positions.
The game is not timed, however, there is a step counter, so try to beat your own result next time you play.

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The objective of the tower construction online game is to build a more stable tower than your opponent in a certain time limit. The only trick of the whole thing is that you should have the block numbers in the progression from the bottom to the top. otherwise your tower won't be stable. Also, keep it in mind that the number of the blocks is limited to the level that you are playing.
Tower Construction is not the easiest online game you'd play online, so give it a little time and patience, and you will be rewarded!

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Gembinders are those who practice the art of focusing the power of magical gems into mundane weapons and power, imbuing them with incredible power.
All you need to become a gembinder and play the game are: skills, experience, and the ability to sense the flow of energy.
Gain extra power by creating large chains and combos.
The game is timed, but you can play it online for free as many times as oyu wish!

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It's almost New Year's. Everything is ready but for the garlands - I wonder how it is possible that it gets all tangled every time :) Your task is to unravel the garlands. Make sure that all the wires are black, so they do not intersect. Use the mouse to play the Christmas garlands online game. Make all the wires black and at the end of the game the will be a surprise.