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Pusher needs to destroy all the robots out of the level. Do not touch them directly as they have a protective shield - electric force field. Use the golden block to swipe the bots away. Avoid the sharp spikes and be careful not to fly off the level yourself.
Use the space bar to hold on to the objects, and the arrow keys to move adn move the golden block.
You'll have loads of fun once you play Pusher online game. Tested and proved :)!

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The objective of the Recognize the Label online puzzle game is to point to the object that is indicated in the center. The shapes and the words are quite easy. The graphics is very nice, so this flash game is very pleasant and relaxing.

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This game is for the puzzle lovers. You need to place the gears to make the mechanism work properly, i.e. the final gear rotates in the direction, indicated by the arrow. Every fixed mechanism earns you money, so that you could buy more and more gears. In case of a mistake you loose money.
It might seem easy at first, but don't get relaxed, as it gets more and more difficult with every level. What's cool about it that there are custom levels, created by the users. You can create your own levels and share them with your friends, as well as the results. Can you beat the highest score?

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Delta Fusion is a variation of a classic puzzle game online. Combine clusters of the same colors, try not to have too many elements as the reactor can start melting. If you are stuck with the amount of the particles, try rotating the reactor - it might create the reaction accidentally and you are saved!

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Music Match is a great game to practice your memory along with develping an ear for music. It's a variation of a tile game. Remember how each tile sounds and pair the two same sounding ones. Note that some tiles won't play the note, so you can only eliminate them.
Proceed to the next level once you solve the puzzle. In case of a mistake you lose a life. 5 lives gone - the game is over.
Play this game with the mouse.

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Find the way to get to the exit, not off the ordit, though. Each correct move earns you points. The game gets more and more difficult as you progress, so it won't get you bored for sure!
Use the arrow keys to play this game online.

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Help the poor dude to go to the bathroom - do the piping from the toilet to the sewer in this combination of a classic tetris and pipedream. You need to make a horizontal line across the playing field. Get some extra help with the plungers, bombs, ice, and the clock.
Move the blocks with the arrow keys, "Up" arrow rotates the blocks, "Down" key drops the blocks.
This game is played online.

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The aim of the game couldn't be any simplier: get the ball into the goal. Although, the ball is stopped by the walls. There are portals - it comes out of the same colored portal flying in the same direction as ii came into the first portal.
Good luck!
Use the mouse to guide the ball.

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Match the balls with the blocks on the bottom. If there a few adjacent same-colored blocks, they'll all disappear.
Use the arrow keys to guide the ball.

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Rotate the pipes to water the plants and give water to the animals. There are different types of pipes, play around to the what fits the best.
Watch your time limir or the crops will die.
This online game is gonna strain your brain :)!

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Sudoku Omega is a real heaven for the sudoku lovers. Really great grtaphics, pleasant to the eye.
Play the ultimate sudoku game online!

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Have you ever thought you could build Rome? Well, you got your chance. Play the puzzle game in order to earn money and get supplies. Move the adjacent tiles to get a minimum of three same tiles in a row. The more tiles in a row - the higher score. Start with a little settlement, develop it to the Great Empire! Be thoughtful and careful with your choices!

Use the mouse to play the game.

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Don't let the stacks fall off the screen. Stack them carefully! How precise are you?
Use the mouse to move the blocks.

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Ball Balance is a classical tetris game with a physics twist. Have a row of 3 same-colored balls and the row will disappear. Although, add such a trick to this that all the balls have certain weight, so calculate beforehand.
There are some bonus balls.
Use the mouse to play this game.