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In Uniwords online game you have to collect the letters in the correct order to make a meaningful word while making as few moves as you can. Collect flying objects for some extra points as well. If you get stuck, use the hint button to get some help. It will cost you 200 points.
Check yourself in word flash game whether you can estimate the flight of the planet and what words will appear because of that.

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Collect the letter tiles by clicking and dragging and create as many words as you can before the time runs out. Words must be 3 and 8 letters long. You have only three minutes to play one level of Word Maker online word game. Don't waste time. The more words you create the higher score you get. It is a good opportunity to check your knowledge and attentiveness. If you see blue tiles, it is better to make up words using them, it will bring you more scores.

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Dive Another Day is a great typing word online game for free where you can practice your speed of typing.
Use your mouse to select your diver. Quickly type the code that appears on the screen to perform stunts. The more accurate you are, the more points you score.
Perfect your dive to score more. The faster you type, the better you dive.

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Welcome to Spider Man 2: Web of words online word game. Spell words and climb buildings to help Spider Man keep the city from Doc Ock. Your goal is to advance Spader Man through each level by spelling words. Depending on the game mode, a level is finished when Spidey reaches the top of building or completes a head-to-head confrontation with Doc Ock.

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Use your keyboard to press the random arrow keys that appear on the screen in Bullriding Explosive free online game.
If you fail to hit a key the bulls tail catches on fire and will explode. You have time to decrease the chance of it exploding by pressing 3 correct keys.

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In The Key Master online game you must defend your Key Master by typing in the names of the monsters that come to attack you. If you type in the name correctly your Key Master will destroy taht monster. More powerful monsters have longer names. There are 10 keys to collect. Power-ups also appear from time to time in which you can type the name to get the bonus. Choose the level: Apprentice, Dabbler, Master or Grandmaster.

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In Climb it Right free online game you have to climb your way to the top of the wall as fast as possible by pressing your keyboard buttons according to the arrow directly above you. Make enough successful climbs to progress to the next level. Do not hesitate too long or make mistakes as you will fall and fall.
Your first challenge: click keyboard arrows according to each arrow above the climber.
In further levels you will have more difficult tasks.

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Play online game Treasure Dive where your main missions is to type carefully and you will collect all of the treasures buried at sea. When sharks appear, type the words displayed on them. If a shark gets by your game is over. You will earn more points by choosing a higher typing level.
You are beginning your first dive for treasure. You must make it through each of the dives to recover all of the sunken treasure. The settings take place in The Silver Sea. Your dive mission: find the treasures in these shark infested waters. Good luck, and safe diving.

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In English Linked free flash game your task is to click on adjoining letters to form a word. Click the last letter twice to submit. Or, press enter. Press "p" to pause the game. The next letter in a sequence can be in any direction.
Form a word using a special tile for added effect: extra points, gain a life, stop the danger tile and "???". Discover new tiles and their special powers.
Watch out for faded tiles. They won't stick around much longer. And they might become dangerous in online game.

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Every time you type in Type & Pop online game the Gauge of Corre Sponding character will decrease. When the gauge is empty, you must recharge it. Press Space to toggle typing and recharge mode.
Type left to right, type right to left.
To blow up all the balloons type “bomb” to use.
To slow down the balloons type “slow” to use.
A-Z to increase the character Gauge capacities.

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In Type for Gold free online word game you need to type letters in the boxes below to match the letters in the boxes at the top.
Correct words will make your character run faster.
Typing the wrong letter will make you lose the word and stumble, so be carefull.
Your task in flash game is to lead your character while running to the finish with the help of typing letters you see in front of you. The game genre is quite usual, so you will practice your typing skills and at the same time enjoy colorful graphics and funny characters in the game.

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Welcome to Air Typer online word game.
Place your hands on the keyboard and type the words or letter on the balloons as they appear. The progress bar at the bottom is zapper. When it is full, press key “space” to blast the enemies out.
The aim of the game is not to overcome the balloon, trying to fly though, it won't help.
You should type all words you see on the balloons in online game. Only in that case you will manage the distance and get the highest score. Still you can miss several enemies, in particular three of them.

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In Spider Typer free flash game you have to help Berry the hairy spider climb to the top of the tree and escape from the hungry chameleons.
Type letters or words you see on the back of the chameleons.
The chameleons in online game will multiply and change colors as you move up in levels.
So hurry, and put your fingers to work to save Berry from becoming a delicious lunch.
Choose among easy, medium or hard mode.

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Quick Words is online game with the object to form words from the provided letters. Make at least one word that uses all 6 letters to qualify for the next round. Find all words to get bonus points.
Click on the letter balls or press letter keys (A-Z) to make words and click Enter button or press enter key to send word.
When you get stuck click Rotate button or press Spacebar to rotate letters and see other possible combinations. Click clean button or press Delete to clear formed letters. Click Last Word button or press enter key to see or use last entered word in online game.