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Create your own special message, and then let online game scramble the beads. Can your friend decode the puzzle when she receives the bracelet in an email? Click the Play button to start the flash game. Send your friend a bracelet using beads around the world.
Start Word Necklace flash game by selecting one of the bead collections from the tray below. All collections contain the entire alphabet. You can select among: glass beads, African beads, Venetian beads and Parisian beads.

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Play online game Winnie the Pooh Word Math and check you abilities in word matching tasks. Enjoy colorful graphics and interesting well-known characters: owl, rabbit and tiger.
The tiger will get letters out of the chest and combine them into words. Your task is to read the word and find the corresponding picture to match it. There will be four items to consider. The game is rather easy and primitive, so it is good to advise it to your children while you are busy with something else.

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Find out the words in Word Search flash game. Click on the starting letter of the word and drag the cursor over the word and release it on word's last letter. Correct answer will be represented by a line. The time will be controlled and you will be able to see how much did you spend for the task. Try your skills in word searching but don't think its too easy. After you played you can leave your score in the score table and play again to improve the results.

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In Word Forge online game your mission is to make as many words as you can using the alphabets given. Use the keyboard to type out the words or the mouse to drag and drop the alphabets to form a word. Keep making right words and keep the combo multiplayer climbing for huge scores.
It’s a good time to train your brain, increase the level of your vocabulary, and learn something new with this word flash game.

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In Super Type online game your main task is to practice typing very fast. It is a good idea for those who want to learn to type, but are bored just sitting and retyping texts. This flash game you automatically train and check you abilities of typing. You will be given different words and you will need to type them as fast as possible. The time is limited, so you better not lose it. When you doo your task fast and without mistakes, you will be able to perform combos that increase the time you have left. After each try you will see you score, and be ready to improve it if needed.

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Destroy the asteroids by typing the words they carry in Typing defense free online game. If you make a mistake press Spacebar to clear the entire word. Unlock new weapons as you progress through the levels. The weapons or attacks can be triggered by typing the keyboard related to them. Your mission is to save the mother Earth by destroying the asteroids before they reach and collide with Earth. As you progress through the waves of oncoming asteroids you will unlock new weapons. The weapons or attacks can be triggered by typing the keyword related to them.

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In Massacre street online game you need to kill a zombie by typing in the word above it’s head and pressing “Enter”. Protect your position and don’t let any zombies pass the line. Don’t let any zombies cross the barrier line. Perform your mission fast and don’t waste time. Use your best typing skills. Set a record while resisting hordes of zombies. The longer you stay alive the better score you get. At the end of the game you will see the time you’ve spent while killing them. Show how fast you can type.

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There was a quiet and peaceful library, like many other libraries. But one night somebody left a big ink bottle open, and ink blots escaped. Malicious creatures want to bring chaos and destroy the power of knowledge. We need to stop them before all the books are ruined. Protect the book and destroy the enemy. Type words from the paper scraps to gain more mana. Type a word or a command ay the bottom of the screen and press “Enter”. There are 12 levels to manage in Ink Battle free flash game.

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Your mission in Word maze free online game is to collect letters in correct order.
Use the arrow keys to move around the maze. You’ll see a word at the top of the screen. Try to find the letters of that word in the maze in the correct order. The word will get longer every level. There are also bunnies in the maze who will try to eat your peanuts, so look out. It’s game over when you lose your last peanut. Can you find all 10 words? Walk with arrow keys. Pick up all the letters in the correct order. Grab extra peanuts before the bunny gets them. Watch out for the enemies. They like peanuts.

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In Wordit free online game you will have a lot of words to make depending on what mode you select.
Normal mode:
- click and drag the letters to form words, horizontally and vertically.
- press and hold Shift to drag a selection rectangle around multiple letters.
- to advance to the next level, make all letters part of a valid word.
- click the green checkmark button below to see your progress.
- complete all 21 levels or click Meny-main menu to quit and submit your score.
Time challenge:
- valid words are automatically removed, making the stage tiles of the word.

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In Dukey Bath flash game poor puppy is hanging above the bath. How it has got on a cord is not clear, but it will fall to a bath "on your command". At the left there is a ciphered phrase and a board with letters. Pressing letters, you enter a phrase and if you have pressed the letter which is not in this word-combination, the doggie move slowly into a bath. The indicator on the bath shows the approach of the doggie to water. Each level will get harder with more words and combinations to guess. The game starts with only two words.

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Your objective in Word freak flash game is to find all the words in the word list before your time runs out. The number of words you must find increases by one for every level. How far can you get before you brain explodes? First level gives you only one word to find and 20 seconds. Next level has two words and 30 seconds, and that is how the game increases the difficulty. In case you didn’t find the word and the time is gone, you will automatically move to the next level, but with very short time to search for words from the list which is one word longer than it was in previous level.

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Word Search 50 free flash game is an easy entertainment. You will need to search for words in the table, which are written on the right side. The words can be located down, across and diagonal. There are 50 levels which will get harder and harder.

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Have you recognized this famous game? Yes, this is Who Will Be A Millionaire online game, where you need to answer the questions in order to win big money. In case you think the questions are hard, you can take money and leave. But if you are a know-all – try yourself I nthis entertaining game.