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Shoot the marbles towards the group in the center of the game area. When you match 3 or more marbles, they will drop and you'll gain points. In the holder from the top of the screen, you have 2 marbles. Press Space to toggle between them.
Play online game Marble Frenzy and use your mouse to aim and shoot marbles. A marble will bounce several times of the sides before you lose it. If you don't manage to remove any balls in a round, a mini marble will be removed. When you have no more mini marbles, new marbles will fly in the game.

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Complete the pipe system from the top to the bottom of the screeen in easy to play online game. Perform your task before the time runs out. You get points for each pipe connected to the system. So try to create the longest pipe possible.

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In the deep blue Arctic see there is an ice berg with frozen Chu inside. Cut the ice with your mouse in order to free the poor man and let him enjoy the sun! Play online game Chu Rescue with numerous interesting and challenging levels. Think over your moves carefully, any wrong cut will cause the Chu sink into the cold waters.

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Switch fruits and make sets of three of a kind (or more) to squeeze juice for the parrot. The more fruits you can squeeze in one move, the better. Keep the parrot's glass full for maximum juice bonus. When the glass runs dry it's game over. When you play online game Thirsty Parrot look for the ice cube. Get it to the bottom of the board to get a cool bonus. Each game is added to your tank of juice. At certain levels, you will get more power ups. Feel like cheating? All the power ups are available in the jungle shop.

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Shoot the bomb from the cannon. Only shoot the evil Roly Polys, all friendly ones must survive. Increase the force of your shot be moving the mouse further aways from the cannon. Try to limit the amount of bombs you fire. If you get stuck just press Reset or R or Space to start the level again.

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Lucy gets lost in a magic forest, the mysterious magic circle surrounds her. Can you help her get out of it? Play Magic Crates online game to solve this puzzle. Use the arrow keys to move, and you will find the exit. Use your wits to estimate the surrounding. If you get stuck you'll need to start all over again. You can only push the blocks, and not pull, so think carefully. There will be no way out in case you make a mistake.
Magic Crates online game is a good method to train your puzzle solving abilities and thinking.

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Everything is frozen by the Snow Queen, you have to save the frozen animals by collecting their image parts in online game. Play flash game Snow Queen and swap 2 items and create 3 in a row to remove them from the game. Collect all items from the picture on the left to advance to the next level.

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Use arrow keys to move Blocky in online game with the same name. Press Z and X to rotate. Change color to go on colored blocks. Blue will transport you to another spot. Yellow turns blocks upside-down. Some tiles can block your path. Turn off electric field. To close the holes press special buttons. The broken tile will disappear after you move off it.

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Each side of the field has three layers of bricks. Any brick that can move will show an arrows when the mouse is over it. Clicking the mouse starts the brick moving through the field in the direction of its arrow. When the brick hits another brick it stops. A brick's arrow stays even when the brick is stopped. If the obstacle in flash game is removed, the brick again moves in the direction of its arrow. A brick's direction cannot be changed in online game.

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Extreme Maths free online game is a good game for kids. It combines skiing and maths tasks. So in order to ski successfully you have to answer math questions right. The speed of the game is quite fast, and you need to think fast. But don't worry, you will have four answers available to choose from.
So play online games, enjoy skiing and practice your math skills. Don't forget studding at school is very important even in flash games.

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In Cut and Kill online puzzle game you need to get rid of the monster on the platform. In order to do this, you have to cut the wooden platform with your mouse and roll the monster on the spikes. You can restart the level any time by pressing R. In the levels of such flash games you have to be smart and perform actions in the way, that you can reach all stars while rolling. The collected stars will earn you higher score.

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Cut the ropes to make the ball roll into a gnome's bag. Collect the snowflakes by touching them with the ball. Press restart or use space key to replay a level. Don't be disappointed if you don't reach all snowflakes, it will only influence your score but the level will still be passed. In Rich Mine 2 Xmas online game you have to beware of enemies, they try to destroy the ball and make Mr. Gnome sad. The arrow changes the movement direction.

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In Split Image and Balls free logical online game on the screen there are 20 parts of an image. Required to assemble a picture from disparate parts. Control the square of the image, move the cursor in the right places. But the game is not that simple as it seems. The tile won't stop moving until it reaches the wall, so you won't be able to play the tile in the middle without touching the neighbor part.
Control the gameplay of flash game with your mouse or a key board.

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Kevin has just started work packing fruit for Farmer Dunn. Help him box up the fruit and keep him happy, if the fruit falls off the end of the production line then Kevin losses his job. Sounds easy, right? It's going to get harder. The bar on the left shows the level progress in flash game Fruit Crazy. Once the quota of fruit is collected it is the end of the level. There are boxes that you need to pack the fruits into, when each one is full you get a bonus score and a new box is put in it's place in online game.