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In Uniwords online game you have to collect the letters in the correct order to make a meaningful word while making as few moves as you can. Collect flying objects for some extra points as well. If you get stuck, use the hint button to get some help. It will cost you 200 points.
Check yourself in word flash game whether you can estimate the flight of the planet and what words will appear because of that.

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In Nightflies online game you need to help the nightflies get the lanterns. Move the obstacles from the lantern you want to release. Be careful, lanterns are very fragile. Click on the open lanterns any time to call the nightflies. Don't be wasteful - the number of beetles that help you is limited.
The clock counts down as long as the beetles or nightflies are still on the screen. Receive a lot of achievement for different of your actions. If all beetles have been used in flash game, the nightflies will fly down automatically.

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In ElectroSpinner free flash game you need to build your own gaming portal and earn real money playing online games. In short your task on each level is to catch all signals and bring them all to the receiver. You have to catch the signal and try to keep on the spinner. Control your spinner by arrow keys. Press and hold the spacebar to see its action. Catch another signal to bring it to the receiver too.
Free electricity - grab it to get extra score. The receiver - bring all signals to the destination point.

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In this free flash game you need to change the direction of the particles flow to kill the Evil Asteroid. Use gravity planets to change particle direction. Obstacles with repulse particles. Energy fields: red discharges particles, green charges. Charging the particles makes them fly further.
Space whirls scatters particles in different directions. Velocity fields - red produces the speed, the blue increases.
Adding objects in flash games: drag an object from the menu of objects to the playing field.

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Before you dive in and begin creating your own aquarium in Fishdom Harvest Splash, it's a good idea to become familiar with the basics of online game. At the beginning your fish tank has no fish in it. Click on shop to enter the shopping area and buy fish. and everything you need for your fish tank. Click on the fish tab to see the selection of fish. When you buy fish it might seem unhappy about something. It's no fun swimming around an empty tank in flash game, after all. In such online games you need cash to buy ornaments for your tank but there isn't much left.

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In Angkor Quest online game for free you will have to rotate the group of three figures by clicking at it with the mouse. If the figures in the group are identical they will disappear and the triangle where they are situated will change into gold. To pass to the next level turn all triangles on the playing field into gold. Do not forget about the timer, it shows how much time you have.

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Click the car to make it move in Cars vs Zombies online puzzle game. Stop the car in the parking area to get the medal. Don't let the car to fall down. The sign changes the direction of the car. The striped orange block can be removed by clicking it.
Perform each level successfully and get awards for the victory. Try yourself in more complicated modes during numerous levels of gameplay. High-quality and stylish graphics create the right atmosphere of the game.

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Your goal in Domi Hammi online logical game is to collect the 6 stars to help Hammi. Hammi is a goog guy. After you put all needed items on the platform, he will hit the first item, and they need to fall down by touching each other. Click to drag an object to place it where you think.
You can restart a level by clicking the corresponding button. When the dominoes begin to rum, metallic platforms revolve on the axis.

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The task of Zodiac Match online game is easy: swap adjacent symbols to match sets of 3 or more. Matches can be created by color or by design. Constellations may have their own unique rules of play. Make sure to check the rulebook in the lower right corner.
Match 4 Symbols to create a Sun Beat. Sun beats clear a 3*3 area. T and L-shaped matches create a Light Cross. Light crosses clear symbols in the shape of a cross. Match 5 symbols to create a Purifier. Purifiers clear all symbols of the same sign or color.

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In Castle Escape online board game you need to use arrow keys to start the block moving and directing it to the exit. The block will stop moving once it hits either another block or the wall.
The idea of such flash games is to get the colored block to its matching exit point. If there's other colored blocks on the map use the mouse to select which one you want to move.
You may need the help of other blocks in order to get all the blocks to the matching end points.

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Collect the letter tiles by clicking and dragging and create as many words as you can before the time runs out. Words must be 3 and 8 letters long. You have only three minutes to play one level of Word Maker online word game. Don't waste time. The more words you create the higher score you get. It is a good opportunity to check your knowledge and attentiveness. If you see blue tiles, it is better to make up words using them, it will bring you more scores.

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That is another holiday version of the fun building online game! Do you want to challenge your building skills even on Halloween? Then go for it and try to complete as many levels as possible in Build Balance free online game!

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Dive Another Day is a great typing word online game for free where you can practice your speed of typing.
Use your mouse to select your diver. Quickly type the code that appears on the screen to perform stunts. The more accurate you are, the more points you score.
Perfect your dive to score more. The faster you type, the better you dive.

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Play online puzzle game Bob Snail and help Bob to find a house. Use tools to guide him through each level of his journey. You can click Bob to stop him, sometimes you need to stop him in certain place in order to prevent his death. After you did everything correct and cleared his way, you can click Bob again and get him going again.
As you will notice Bob moves only forward, but there are special tools which can change the dirrection of his movements.