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A dangerous forest stands between Snail Bob and his grandpa's birthday party. You want to congratulate your grandpa in Snail Bob 2 and you will do all your best to reach him.
Use various tools to guide bob through each level of his journey. You can click Bob to stop him in order to interact with some objects first. You can control Bob's speed by pressing *1 or *2 buttons.
In some levels of free online puzzle game other insects such as ants will help you, you just need to direct them right.

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Sport Zuma free online puzzle game is a new version of classical Zuma-game. But instead of old Egypt you will play on modern sport arenas with different sport balls. Destroy sport balls by forming groups of 3 or more balls of the same kind of sport (for example 3 or more football balls).
Click the mouse to shoot the balls, press the space bar to swap the ball to be shot.

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Pigs Will Fly online game is an official sequel to the flash game Pigs Can Fly. The goal is to get the pig to the rainbow potion bottle. Pigs can only be dragged by selecting the pink potion. Blue boxes can only be moved by selecting the blue potion bottle. The level is like previous but there is a blue box in the way.
When flash games get very tricky and you get stuck, then select Walkthrough in the Menu for help.

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You can click white shapes to remove them, but you can't click the black shapes. Press Space to pause. Press R to restart. Your objective in Saunavihta Yetis online logical game is to get to the black sauna smoke. Avoid plow trucks and snowflakes. Yetis will throw you and bubbles will rise.

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Play Railroad Shunting Puzzle online game and connect the locomotives and cars. Locomotive is moved by dragging it with the mouse. The goal of flash game is to put wagons at appropriate stations. Cars connect automatically. Click between cars to disconnect them.
Switches are operated by clicking on them. Cars cannot be connected without coupling. Sometimes wagons cannot be disconnected. Use the mouse to direct the locomotives and choose the right way to get the cars to their stations as soon as possible!

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Welcome to Spider Man 2: Web of words online word game. Spell words and climb buildings to help Spider Man keep the city from Doc Ock. Your goal is to advance Spader Man through each level by spelling words. Depending on the game mode, a level is finished when Spidey reaches the top of building or completes a head-to-head confrontation with Doc Ock.

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In Starlight online logical game you will use your mouse to rotate stars.
Your goal is to find a viewpoint where stars form a picture before time runs out.
When level's complete, you receive scores. Each level will give you 200 points.
If you can't find picture, you can use "Show solution" button. But it will cost you 200 points from your score.

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In Home Sheep Home online logical game you have to guide Shirley, Shaun, and Timmy back to the barn. Perhaps planks could be used as a bridge. Try knocking it over but gentle. Guide all sheep to the signpost to complete the level. Click on the top of the screen to select your flock member.
Shirley is heavier than Shaun and Timmy.
You can swap between sheep using the 1, 2 and 3 keys. Timmy is the smallest and the lightest sheep.

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Let It Flow free online logical game will make you connect the pipes so the water can flow from the pump to the crops and animals without spilling onto the desert floor. Pump it! When you are happy with the pipes, you must pump up enough pressure to send the water flowing by clicking on the dial in rhythm.
Watch your time limit. If all the crops die you will fail the level and the village will go hungry.
Types of pipes: straight, curved, T junction, bonus, crossover.

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In The Polar Express online game at each crossing, there is a red/green switch if clicked. it will drive train onto a different track. Green = the track the train will follow. Pick up additional train cars and "pick ups" for points. Speed increases as the additional cars are added onto the train line. You must watch out for obstacles on the tracks and avoid "snaking" the train into itself.
Click the switches on the track to maneuver the train through the town. Pick up all the train cars in order to get to the tunnel.

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Lead the knight through the puzzles of Domino Knight online puzzle game. Control him with the arrow keys. Collect three coins scattered throughout the level. These coins will not collide with anything.
When you've got all three coins, move onto the hourglass to advance to the next level. You can't move through walls. You will zip across ice until you hit something or until there is no more ice.
The wooden blocks can be pushed around, so long as there is room. Don't fall in the holes. But when you push a block into a hole, they annihilate each other, and then you can move across safely.

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The objective of each stage in Pipeline Remixed online game is to fill all end tiles with the correct matching color. Drag and drop tiles to complete paths using mixers to change the color of the path. Colors needed to mix a new color are on the outer ring. The resulting color is within the inner circle.
Flow in flash games starts when either the progress bar is full or when you press "start". Pressing the "start" button gives you bonus points. You receive more points the faster you press "start".

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In Mine Solver free online puzzle game your task is to move/push all marbles on the indicated places to solve each level. Help this little mine worker solve all the levels of this funny and addictive flash game. In total you will have over 24 levels to play.
Use your arrowkeys to play this free online flash game. Don't think the gameplay is very easy. Some levels will give you tasks which you need to think through very carefully in order to solve.

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The objective of the Cucaracha online game is quite simple. You gave to remove the cucarachas by putting them next to each other. When 3 cucarachas get together, they will be removed. Press the mouse button to shoot, don't let the cucarachas go beyond the edges of the screen, otherwise you lose the game.
There many different kinds of cucarachas, they are: blue, yellow, orange and green. And it is only on the first level.