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In World of Fire free mobile game the world is invaded by fire creatures, and the only one able to stop them is you. Collect elemental powers by matching the tokens, Use your powers to defeat your enemies. You will be dealing with: sparks, masters, demons and boss.
Use your mouse to match up two blocks. Each match will power up your magic spells. Use your spells to defeat the evil monsters.

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The objective of Waterdrops Waterway free online game is to guide waterdrops to the pond. Use wind to move the drops, press space to restart. Avoid any obstacle by simply pressing it or rolling cursor over it. Don't let the fire stop your drops. Use moving platforms to close the wholes in the ground.
Waterdrops Waterway is a reaction game. Check your eye and hand quickness. Guide waterdrops to the pond using only mouse. Avoid any obstacle in your way by destroying or moving them. Use wind to move waterdrops.
Use your mouse cursor to remove the blocks, slide elevators etc.

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Use your keyboard to press the random arrow keys that appear on the screen in Bullriding Explosive free online game.
If you fail to hit a key the bulls tail catches on fire and will explode. You have time to decrease the chance of it exploding by pressing 3 correct keys.

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In The Key Master online game you must defend your Key Master by typing in the names of the monsters that come to attack you. If you type in the name correctly your Key Master will destroy taht monster. More powerful monsters have longer names. There are 10 keys to collect. Power-ups also appear from time to time in which you can type the name to get the bonus. Choose the level: Apprentice, Dabbler, Master or Grandmaster.

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In Climb it Right free online game you have to climb your way to the top of the wall as fast as possible by pressing your keyboard buttons according to the arrow directly above you. Make enough successful climbs to progress to the next level. Do not hesitate too long or make mistakes as you will fall and fall.
Your first challenge: click keyboard arrows according to each arrow above the climber.
In further levels you will have more difficult tasks.

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You've been unlucky enough to enroll in Proffessor Snape's Potion Class and have been trying to work a particularly difficult spell. Too bad you can't remember all of the correct ingredients.
You only have six elements to choose from and they must be added in precisely the right order to eork. The potion itself only required four of them - but which four, and in what order?

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Each round of Mooble free online game will create a 4-marble code selecting from 6 possible colors. The code can be any combination of colors in any order. Try to break Mooble's code in 10 attempts or less. With each attempt, Mooble will score your guess. A small white mark will be awarded for each correct color in the correct position. A small blue mark will be awarded for each correct color in an incorrect position in flash game.
Click a marble to advance its color or Shift-click to revert its color, then Submit your guess.

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Move the red piece through the maze and use it to eliminate all of the numbers. Each time you move the red onto a number in Maze and Math free online game it will absorb it in one of the following manners:
If red is zero it will collect the value
Red will clear if its value matches the number
If red is larger it will increase by the value of the number
If red is smaller it will change to the difference between the number and its value.

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Welcome to The European Rivers free educational game. Use this flash game to learn the river of the Europe. First, learn the locations of the different rivers. They try to remember several facts about each river and check yourself against the text blurb.
Once you have learned the European Rivers you are ready to move on to the European Geographic Regions Games and the European Bodies of Water Games.

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Play online game Treasure Dive where your main missions is to type carefully and you will collect all of the treasures buried at sea. When sharks appear, type the words displayed on them. If a shark gets by your game is over. You will earn more points by choosing a higher typing level.
You are beginning your first dive for treasure. You must make it through each of the dives to recover all of the sunken treasure. The settings take place in The Silver Sea. Your dive mission: find the treasures in these shark infested waters. Good luck, and safe diving.

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In English Linked free flash game your task is to click on adjoining letters to form a word. Click the last letter twice to submit. Or, press enter. Press "p" to pause the game. The next letter in a sequence can be in any direction.
Form a word using a special tile for added effect: extra points, gain a life, stop the danger tile and "???". Discover new tiles and their special powers.
Watch out for faded tiles. They won't stick around much longer. And they might become dangerous in online game.

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Play online game Math Line and recognize famous zuma game type. But this time it will differ a little bit. Now you need to combine not colors but solve math mathematical equations.
Destroy balls by forming pairs that add up to 10.
Note that you can use one ball to destroy a group of same numbered balls in flash game.

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Welcome to European Countries – level three. On this level of online game you must drag each country to its correct location on the map. Unlike level two, no region outlines are provided.
Continue to play flash game until you are able to score over 90% consistently. At that point you are ready to play “European Countries – level Four”.

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Welcome to European Capitals – level one. Use this free online game to begin learning the capitals of Europe. It's best to master one region at a time – select a region using the pull down menu.
Once you've mastered each region, select “All of Europe” using the pull down menu, and try to master it.
After that you may be ready to play “European Capitals – level two”.
Check or improve your knowledge with fun and entertaining method – play online game for free.