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Help Zak to get rid of troublesome ill-wishers and fly away from the planet. You have to shoot off enemies and fuel the rocket avoiding its elimination. Fuel cans and other useful things will be thrown down to you by your loyal fellow-lighter Z-100 in free flash game.
If you need to fuel the rocket, you have to come close to it with a fuel can pushing and holding on the recently appeared button - "Fuel".
To repair damaged rocket you have to come close to rocket pushing and holding on the recently appeared button - "Repair".
In such free flash games use arrow keys to move left and right. Left mouse click to fire/action. Esc or P - pause menu (menu/sound/six buttons).
In free online game you will encounter crabs. Usually they operate in small groups shredding everything with their iron claws. When you meet with their striking force try to avoid other fights with them as it can be harmful for your hero in online games.
Be aware of thieves. This fellow can be praised for his quickness as he is always one step ahead in stealing fuel cans from under your very nose. But this is not all. Keep him away from your fuel tank.
Beheaded shooter - this fellow has already lost his head and there is nothing left for him to lose. His major aim is to bring you big troubles.
Hammer can do nothing but swinging his hammer. And who knows who will be the next on his way - you or your rocket?
Z-100 is your only fellow friend in mortal fight with enemies. Who but him will supply you with fuel cans, medicine chests or other useful things? But something he loses control over his actions. Instead of the next package, something bigger and heavier then fuel may be thrown at you. Watch him and throw heavy things on the heads of your enemies in flash game Madness Escape.