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Play Monkey Maniac TD online flash game


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500 year ago, in a Planet Alpha8 which only Monkeys exist in it. One fine day, there came the Aliens. They started to invade planet Alpha8. A competition for food started between them. The Monkeys have to eliminate the Aliens to prevent their own downfall. The war between Monkey and Aliens begin in free flash game.
The gameplay in such online games is very simple. The main aim of this game is to defend your base from the incoming evil aliens. Build towers and eliminate the aliens to get gold to purchase stronger towers and upgrades. A total of 30 waves of aliens. Game is over when your number of lives reach zero. Good luck and enjoy free flash game Monkey Maniac TD.
Click on any of buttons to select warrior for hire. Also its possible to use hot-keys 1-5. You can also click on a hired warrior to view its parameters, and upgrade or sell options. Hot-key T to train warrior. Hot-key S to sell warrior.