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Play Muck About With Cupid and Fate online flash game


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Help Cupid grab as much fun stuff like beer and burgers as possible and avoid yucky love stuff like hearts and flowers in online fun game Muck About With Cupid and Fate. Use the arrow keys to move your cloud left and right and bounce Cupid into the floating goodies at the top of the screen. If you're clever, you can time your movements to flick Cupid in the right direction. Your objective is to collect all the items at the top of the screen in flash game. Be careful though - if Cupid doesn't hit your cloud, he'll fall off the bottom of the screen and lose a life.
Games, beer, burgers and fries - we like these. Collect them to earn points. Flowers, hearts, and chocolate?! Ugh! Avoid them at all costs. These items will cause Cupid's cloud to shrivel in disgust for a few seconds.
Power ups - lightning will speed up your cloud in flash game. Power Bars increase your cloud's size, whilst collecting a Star will give you an extra life. Singles - don't rely on Cupid to find love. He doesn't even notice singles, he just bounces of them.
The Vortex - this is Cupid's handy portal to the next level of flash game. It appears when all items have been collected. Bounce Cupid into it to progress.