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There are 8 laps in Rural Racer free flash game. You have to finish each track as the winner to advance to the next level.
To make your car go faster, you can use turbo. You have to hold the turbo key (not only to press it). While holding the turbo key, your car will go faster. Below the speed indicator, you will see the status of the turbo energy. When you are out of energy, you have to wait until it refills. After that you can use it again.
First player uses arrow keys to move and shift – turbo, second – WASD keys to move and “`~” key – turbo.

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Your aim in Hexxagon flash game is to take over the board. Moving to a space next to you on several or one block you can transform opponents items into similar to yours when touching it. To move your piece just click it and you will see all possible moves. Think over the strategy very carefully, otherwise any inaccurate move and you might be captured by opponent. The game is similar to Blob wars game genre. So in case you have certain experience playing it, you will definitely have no troubles with this one.

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Your aim in Blob wars free online game: gain control of the board by attacking your opponents blobs and converting them to your own.
The rules are very simple…you can spawn a blob into an adjacent space or you can jump into open space one square away. Select a blob on your team by clicking it with the mouse. Once selected your blob it will be highlighted and the possible moves you may take will be shown with darkened green tiles. Click on a highlighted space to complete your move.

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The evil Goblins have kidnapped the Princesses. And were also smart enough to imprison all the heroes in the land in iron cages. All except one. Collect keys from different locations and use them to unlock the Temples. Rescue all the princesses to win. Up or W to jump, arrow keys or AD to move. Jump on chests for treasure. Stand on cages and press down to rescue heroes.

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Swords and sandals 4 flash game starts in a tavern, with some familiar faces from Swords and Sandals. From this screen, you can view the help guide and credits, play any mini-games you have unlocked or begin a new tavern quest. Once you decide to begin a new quest, you will be asked to select how many gladiators will be taking part. You can select 2, 3 or 4 gladiators to join the quest – more gladiators means more fighting more gold and more experience, but also longer adventures.

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The top secret J1I fighter has been stolen by terrorists. This is the most powerful fighter ever built – you must destroy it to save our people. You have all the weapons in the base at your disposal (click the buttons at the top of more details on deploying these weapons). The prototype of J1I is equipped with a recharging energy shield and an armored hull. The hull cannot be damaged whilst the shield is up. The hull can take much more of a pasting than the shield.

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Click your mouse when the Devil covers the hit area. The closer the Devil is to the center, the more points you get. Multiple hit areas will be scattered around the playing field. The Devil will always move over these areas, and repeat its cycle over time. It’s up to you to time your click perfectly for each one. The areas must be hit in order specified on each number.

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Select your character and fight your enemies in various levels to become the hero in Through The Wars flash game. This online game can be played alone or with a friend. Use such controls: 1 player: WASD to move, JKUI to attack, double click A to left run, double click D to right run. 2 player: Arrow keys to move, VBZX to attack.
Enjoy the game while managing fierce fighting in different interesting and colorful locations.

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In Playing with fire 2 online game you have lost your mates, you’re on your own. The local neighborhood gangs are hunting you down. Blast your way to them before they will kill you. The aim of the game is to blow up your opponents. You only have 3 minutes to do this so don’t hang around. All players now have 3 lives so you have to kill everyone 3 times to win the heat. You can play a two player game with your friends or just play against the computer opponents. You can choose either 1.2 or 3 opponents. Tip: you will score more if you take on more opponents.

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Welcome to the brand new free fighting flash game called World Boxing Tournament. In this fun game you have the opportunity to fight against your opponent and to win the World Boxing Tournament. Fight against your opponent and try to beat him down. This entertaining online game is very easy to play. You can choose to play player vs player or you can play player vs PC. If you choose to play player vs player the instructions are: player 1 use the A, S, D and W keys to walk, the B key for attack 1, the N key for attack 2, the M key for attack 3 and the space bar for defense.

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World Boxing Tournament 2 flash game is a fantastic follow up of the original boxing game. Some minor improvements such as the ability to pick from different boxers make this game even much more fun to play. Give this sequel another try and bring your friend along for some more boxing fun!

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Tetris version 1.0 online game is a good game for you and your friend. In case you want to battle your friend choose the 2 player mode and play with him/her on time to show who is the best tetris player. Choose among complexity modes: easy, medium, hard. Also you can choose the starting number of rows. To control the game use: WASD and Space keys, and Arrows plus End keys. Select as well how you want to play: 1 - gain 100 points, 2 - gain 500 points, 3 - 1000 points, 4 - last man standing. Press P – pause, Q – return to menu, R –restart, G – show/hide grid.

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Once there was a small village, there lived a kind of savage who loved to eat potato. They grew up eating potato, so they have a special power normal people can’t do, that is fly up to sky by fart. How amazing the power is. Although it looks a bit dirty, and smells a little stinky. One day the totem of the village was gone. The elders decided to send Jack and Tony who can fly farthest and highest by fart to find the lost totem, so they two guys begin this long adventure trip…Be aware of various traps, animals, enemies along the way. Jack uses WAD keys to move and fart; Tony uses arrow keys.

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Stick Figure Badminton free flash game will bring you some happiness for a while with entertaining stick characters playing badminton. You can select to play with a computer or with a friend. Single play offers to choose character between: advances and fun. Advances – a flashy human (keyboard controls: W-jump, A,D-move, S-swing / or arrows), a lot of heart, the dream to be the best. Fun – state of the art robot (mouse controls: move the mouse to move and click the left button to swing), new hover technology, unlimited smog production.
Play the game to 7 wins.