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Play Musaic box online flash game


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You have to arrange the music pieces to match the original melody in Musaic box online game for free. Click on the player to hear a sample of the song. You can start from any bar. Click anywhere else to stop playback. Click and Drag to move the pieces. Click on the piece to play its sound. You can play the music piece from any point.
Place all the pieces in the right order on the music stand to win. You can use the Hint button when you’re stuck, but don’t use it too often. Each colored symbol represents a separate musical instrument. Each column should have only one of each color. Placing two of the same kind of color symbol in one column will cause them to turn dark.
Place the melody on the music stand first after listening to the sample. The melody always appears as red. Many combinations of pieces can sound correct. But only the right combination will fill the music stand.
If you’re stuck with empty holes and the pieces aren’t fitting you might try rearranging the pieces around the holes in free flash game.