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Play Musical Lantern online flash game


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The objective of free online music game Musical Lantern is to progress through the castle hallway while avoiding all hazardous obstacles that cross your path. Use easy controls to move when you play flash games.
In the upper-left corner of the game screen is your Health Meter. It depletes slightly everytime you make contact with an obstacle. Once the Health Meter has been exhausted, you character falls and the game has been lost. In the upper-right corner of the game screen is your Hold Meter. This meter depletes slightly for every second you spend Holding your position (see next screen on Advanced Controls). Once this meter has been completely consumed, your character is no longer able to hold his position. It takes a little little practice, but with the right rhythm, you can skip (alternate left and right arrow keys) through certain obstacles on the floor without incurring any damage. These include spikes and dice.
Holding the Space Bar while jumping or sliding in flash game will cause you to hold your position (hang in mid-air or continue sliding across the floor). Use this techniques sparingly, as it depletes from your Hold Meter (displayed in the upper-right corner of the game screen). It is best to use the Hold method only while sliding under or jumping over a long string of hazards.
Your lantern's light grows dim as you venture through the hallway, so you must collect yellow light orbs to replenish your light source. Otherwise, you will find yourself in the dark, and unable to see where you're going.
In addition to the light orbs, there are also Hold and Health Power-Ups. when collected, these replenish your Hold and Health Meters, respectively. Now, that you're up to spend on how to play online music games. It's time to go for it.