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As it is customary the world is over, Princess Helen and Sir Arthur decided to go on a honeymoon after their wedding...Their most daunting task turned out to be picking out the best hat. For, it is well known that the intense heat of the tropical sun spares no one. The journey to the Azure archipelago is as long as as it is beautiful. The pilot told them that an evil and lonely wizard lives in these parts. He feeds solely on coconuts and sleeps in the canopy of the tropical forest, hanging his beard on a tree branch.
It was a well-deserved holiday for man whose deeds were known the world over. The sea was sky-blue. The pineapples were ripe and juicy. The seagulls were singing like mad. But there was no way of knowing the troubles ahead in flash games.
And then one fateful morning...while jogging along the beach, Arthur discovered their hot-air balloon torn to shreds and tossed on the shore. There was no sign of the pilot. How would they get home now? Help them in online game My Kingdom For the Princess.
The natives agreed to lend the newlyweds their last boat. In return, they wanted the lovebirds to clean up the Archipelago.