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Play Naruto RPG 2 online flash game


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You can run left and right with the respective arrow keys. Hold Shift to walk. Hold down to crouch. Tap up to jump, twice for a double jump. Attack with W. Tap A for a strong attack, and D for a quick attack. You can do regular, strong, and quick attacks while jumping and crouching.
In Naruto RPG free online game there are several combos that can be viewed in the pause menu. When performed correctly, the combos will be indicated by the appearance of the words "Nice Combo" or "Great Combo" on screen. Press P to view the pause menu in flash games. In the pause menu, you can view controls and combos and return to the main menu.
Try the following combo: W, W, D. When it's performed correctly, you will see "Nice Combo". Throw a Kunai with S. Tap S then tap it again and hold for quick throws.