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Play Night Before Christmas online flash game


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Play online game Night Before Christmas and get the real felling about the upcoming holidays. Items highlight when you mouse over them. Click once to swap two items next to each other. Line up 3 or more items in a row to make a match. Make matches on top of wrapped presents to unwrap them. Clear all the wrapped squares to help Santa in this online game.
Use the candy canes to clear wrapped presents that are hard to match. Click once on the Candy Cane, then click the present you want to unwrap. Use the Grandfather clock to give yourself more time before Santa arrives. If Santa is about to arrive, clicking the grandfather clock will give you 30 more seconds to make matches.
Use your stockings and for a short time you will be rewarded with extra free matches every time you make a match.
If you make a match with four items in flash game, you'll get one of those handy powerups. Click on the reindeer to unwrap all the presents surrounding it. Click on the Santa Sleigh to clear out an entire row of present left and right. Click on the Tiny Santa to clear out an entire column of presents top to bottom.
Click the small Santa sack to get some grabbles.
If you make match with five items, you'll get one of those great powerups in flash game. Click on the Santa sack to get 3 free powerups (candy cane, grandfather clock, stockings) and some free points as well.
Click on the holiday firecracker to unwrap a huge number of nearby presents. Make sure you cover your ears.
Wait untill the Elf Hammer turns the color you want before clicking on it. All items of that color will be instantly cleared. Unwrap all presents before Santa reaches the chimney in his sleigh. Locked presents need to be unwrapped twice. The first time you make a match on them, they turn to regular presents. The second time unwraps them in flash game. Lumps of coal cannot be matched. Only powerups can clear them.
Look at the Christmas Tree next to the snowman to see how you're doing. You must make each match within 2,5 seconds of the previous one to light up the tree and get a bonus in online game.
If you get 10 matches in a row quickly, you will get a free random powerup. Click the hint button if you get stuck. Each hint takes 20 seconds off the timer.