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Fly as high as you can in Shamrockets online game. Let the whole world marvel at you fireworks. Press spacebar to launch and up arrow key to use booster. Use left and right keys for maneuvering. Spacebar to detonate.
Collect the useful items to get more score, gold and fuel. Collect clever leaves to add 100 pts to your score. Collect hats to add 50 fuel to help you fly higher. Collect pots with gold to add 25 gold coins. The more gold you have the more upgrades you can buy. Collect diamonds to add 300 gold coins.

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The robots soles aim to get as many stars as they can. The problem is they are attached to giant floating bubbles rising from the sea. Jump the robot from bubble to bubble collecting stars on its way in Bubble Jumper online game for free.
Move around the bubbles and collect the stars. When they are all collected the bubble will pop. Jump to another bubble. Hold down W or Up keys to increase your jump power then release to jump. Also tap A and D when flying.

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Play flash game Census Man and transport people to their destinations. Follow the indicators on the screen. There is the target number of census questionnaires to post, and a time limit.
There is also the number of citizens that Census Man can carry at once.
Follow yellow arrow to pick up a citizen. Follow blue arrow to drop the citizen off at the post box. Follow pink arrow to collect strength upgrades allowing Census Man to carry more citizens at once.
Use arrow keys to fly and hold down the Spacebar to boost.

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The Super Zero needs your help to defend Miniopolis against the League of Super Villains. Use the following controls to help fight your way through the horde of villains.
Each one of civilians looks different. They would appreciate it if you catch them. Saving a civilian earns 750 points. Losing a civilian costs 750 points. If you blow the meteors up, you have the chance to gain a random power up. Meteors are worth 100 points. There is no penalty for not blowing them up. Meteors do not harm you.


In Rizzoli and Isles - The Masterpiece Homicides online game you have to investigate Homicides. If you want to be a great homicide detective, you need to know the drill when it comes to crime scene investigations. There are certain areas where you can zoom in and take a closer look. Notice how your cursor changes. Click on the briefcase and the hand to investigate further. Each crime scene or location will have clues or evidence that must be collected before you are able to to go the next location of flash game. Click on the items and store them below with all your tools.

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Use the arrow keys in Demolition Driver online game to move your car while it's airborne.
Cause maximum damage to the stack of cars.
Complete all levels for a venue to earn bonus cash.
Use cash to buy upgrades and better cars in the shop.
Total Destruction is tallied as an average of the destruction of all cars. Click the left arrow to scroll. Click the arrow to adjust the height of ramp. Click the arrow to proceed. Set desired speed on speedometer by clicking on the car.

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In True Lover online game, you need to find your way towards your love.
Use arrow keys to move and spacebar to jump.
Collect all the hearts in your way to proceed to the next level.
Avoid the Devils, Bats and Snakes.
Angels will give you extra life. There are 10 lives at the beginning of the game.

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In Fisher Boy online game you will need to catch fish and earn money for this. See the information about your money. Target achievements in each location will be converted to money. And fish price will be fluctuative each day. Each location in the map has different target achievement. Fitness status in online games effects the capacity. It will affect how long you can stay under water. Weapons status will show the weapon that you use to fishing. The ability of your weapon is also shown in this status. You can change your weapon when you already have more than one weapon.

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Araneo free online game is very addictive and fun entertainment. Your task is to control spiders hanging on the top of the trees. They need to catch strange wobbly creatures running under them. The creatures are of different colors and design.
The task is to catch three similar creatures in a raw, in order to get a bonus. But don't waste time. After some time the spiders can't hold creatures any more and they drop them back.
Beware the time is limited. You have only 80 seconds to manage your task. Try to score as many point as possible.

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Move Bombaguy with left and right key. Use Up key to jump in online games. Place Bomb by using Space key to Explode Evil bomb and Damaging Boss. Press "x" key to use Shield to prevent from Evil bomb. Press "c" key to eat Cake to increase your Health.
Upgrade your Bomb, Shield and Cake to help you complete all stages. Explode the evil bomb to Rescue random animal, some are Rare one, rescue them all.
Evade the bomb, don't let it hit you. The flash game will be over when you explode. You will get Gold coins by clearing a stage Spent your Gold coin wisely.

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In Rescue Lander free flash game you need to help little green alien save his girlfriend and land the spaceship on the blue spot. The speed of the spaceship must not be too high when landing, otherwise the spaceship will crash.
Press the left, right and down arrow keys to turn on the left, right and up engines respectively.
Don't hit the wall. Don't hit lasers. Refuel your UFO. Press green button to open the door.

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Airfield Mayhem free online game is where you need to drag the aircraft onto the same colored runaway or landing pad. The flight path is shown by a line.
As you land the aircraft, more and more will appear - be prepared to change your plans to avoid collisions.
Your job is to help land the planes safely on their respective airfields. They tend to crash when they collide. Play this airport simulation game using your mouse cursor and the left mouse button.

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Gold Miner wants to go to Vegas to strike it rich. Before he can leave Australia, he needs to mine up some gambling money.
Click below the track to drop your claw. Click on the track area to make the cart move. Grab an object and click on the dynamite to blow it up. Collect as many gold as possible.
Remember your time is limited.

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In Gerbil free online game you will need to lead the gerbil to the exit. There will be a lot of options and tools which will help you. Out corner – the amount of gerbils currently in play. Home counter – the amount of gerbils through the level. Death counter – the amount of gerbils that have died.
Sunshine counter – collect sunshine to play for skill teaching. Gerbil skills – teach skills to get gerbils to the exit. Action buttons – pause or fast forward time. Nuke button – kill all gerbils and end the level.