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In Bad Birds free online game your mission will be to lead all birds to the exit. They will fall from weird entrances from the top. You will need to click on the action button to select it: basher, digger, miner, bomber, bridger, climber, floater, jumper, or blocker.
You will then need to click on the bird and it will start the chosen action. Try to think the bird's way to exit carefully. In case in stuck you will need to undertake more actions to get out, and in case you don't have any actions available you lose the level.

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Gold Miner Special Edition is free online game where you have to dig underground to find some gold. Use your claw and reel to mine gold and other treasures out of the earth. Your claw will swing back and forth. Click the mouse button (or press the down arrow) to lower it. Once the claw has grabbed something, it will begin to reel it up. Heavy objects like rocks and large pieces of gold will be harder to reel up.
Grab Bags contain random amounts of money, a strength power-up, or a stick of dynamite. Between levels you can buy items that can help you.

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Play flash game Fish Eat Fish and get the tank full of fish which you need to control.
Eat Fish Food Pellets: fish food pellets are a good way to keep your fish full, and growing. However Fish Food Pellets do not earn you points.
Eat Other Fish: eating fish will not only keep you full and growing but you will earn points based on the size of the fish you eat. You can only eat fish smaller than you though.

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Play flash game Dolphin Olympics 2 where you will need to control dolphin through the waves and earn as much points. Use the left and right arrow keys to flip your dolphin while airborne. Score as many points as possible in 2 minutes. Land nose first for a “nice entry” bonus.
Hold down while approaching the water to do a tail-slide. Press Up while tail-sliding to jump out of your tail-slide. Lead fish out of the water for points and a speed bonus. Swim through rings to build speed and get more time in flash game.

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In Sandwich Stacker free online game you have to catch tasty items to build your sandwich. Avoid the yucky items or you will increase the ick-meter. If you catch three bad items, the game is over.
The taller the sandwich, the more points you will earn. The toaster will randomly pop up pieces of bread. If you're done with your sandwich, catch the bread. If not, you can let it fall and keep building your sandwich for more points in flash game.
But be careful, if your sandwich gets too tall, the game is over.

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The head Stork has just retired from the Baby Blimp factory. Left without guidance, the Stork Air Force needs your help to deliver babies to each loving home. Assign Storks to their everyday tasks and make sure these babies are delivered to meet expecting parent's wishes.
Play online game Baby Blimp where Storks must first prepare a newborn to this exciting journey by making them neat and clean. Once the baby is ready the Stork will its delivery with a very special wish.

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The aim of Mansion Impossible online game is to make enough money buying and selling houses on a property market. You need to earn money in order to buy the 10 milion-pound mansion. Buy houses by clicking on them when they come up for a sale. Remember – you can only buy what you can afford.
Prices go up and down. Sell at the right time to make the most profit. Click on the house to sell it.

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Manage your hotel by allotting rooms and providing full service for your guests in free flash game Hotel Manager. Earn money and meet your daily targets. Guests will come and sit on the sofa. Click on a guest to bring him/her to reception. Click again to give the keys and call the elevator to guide him/her to the room.
You must choose the right floor and then click on the right room. Provide room cleaning, food and laundry services when requested in online game.

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In Roller Coaster Rush flash game you are about to start your career as a brakeman. Your first task is to tame the famous American roller coasters which are known for challenging even for the bravest of the brakemen. It's not going to be an easy ride. Make your way through 25 shaky tracks by pressing the left arrow key to brake and the right arrow key to accelerate. Total Stars in the track information bar shows you how many stars you have collected in the current country. Every time you manage to increase the total stars by three, you unlock a new track.

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Play free flash game Youda Camper and become the owner of the best camping site in the world. Create the camping of your dream – let your imagination take over and create the camping site you have always wanted. Happy campers – you can reach your goal only if you make sure the campers leave happy. Make a good mix of campers at your camp site. Accommodate the campers near important camping objects and put the older and adult campers far from the teenagers. Each group of campers requires different surroundings in online game.

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Mc Donalds game is a digital parody of McDonald's. It is intended solely for purposes of entertainment and education and in no way is meant to represent actual persons, actions or events.
All scenarious and situations are the product of the creator's imaginations. The content of this flash game should in no way be constructed as factual. Online game and the creators are in no way affiliated with McDonald's Corporations or its affiliates. The McDonald's logo are trademarks of corporation with all right reserved to them.

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Welcome to Now Boarding free flash game. This game is about getting passengers where they want to go before they run out of patience and freak out. The faster they get where they want to go, the happier they are, and the higher your score. You will direct form the Airport command center. Passengers will wait in the terminal until they board on the plane and go to their destinations. Airplanes dock at Gates where they unload their passengers and be loaded again.

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Farm Fever flash game will offer you to play on your own very first farm. There you can harvest, feed, plant, and fertilize. When a field is full of ripe crops, you can harvest them by clicking. Harvesting costs your energy. Your harvest will fall out of the fields, and then you can collect them. The more you collect the higher is your experience on the farm.

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The little villagers need your guidance to survive and thrive on the mysterious island Isola in Virtual Villagers online game. Teach them survival skills and try to solve the 16 puzzles of Isola along the way. Your villagers continue to learn and grow, even when your computer is off or you are not playing. Check back often to care for them and see what surprises await you.