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The extreme effort of human to study the galaxy has opened their way to meet an alien nation beyond the space. This powerful alien race is known as "Kaiinis". Kainis' regime used to be great and fair, letting humans and aliens live together in peace and harmony.
However, as time passed by, it seemed that evil conquered some of Kainisians' minds. They wanted the great power just for themselves, and take control of the nation's leadership. This group of aliens were called "Leftist". The Kainisin civil war began, wherein the leftists won.
Almost everything was destroyed by the battle. Because of this, the ill-seated leadership had to seek for an energy source that would help them bring their planet back to life. They setup a powerful resource sucker that would absorb energy from the planet "Earth".
Upon knowing the Leftist' plan, humans rushed the development of "Exo-suits" to prevent the alien's invasion. All of the enemies' aerial cavalries are powered by the Kainisan mother ship, and the only way to stop them is to destroy as many jets as you can when you play war online games.
Use mouse to control character in flash games. Press number keys, spacebar or B to select weapons. Manage your powerups: health, life, ammo, shield, emp.
You have 3 exo-suits to choose from in online game. Select wisely coz you cant change your armor once you started your mission in Paper Warfare online game.
Sangga - this suit is capable of flying at a speed of 100 mph, the most maneuverable of the 3 suits. Though it is the fastest, it lacks adequate protection against heavy assault.
Depensa - the most versatile suit. Provides an average protection and speed without giving up its durability.
Kalasag - the toughest of the 3 suits capable of tolerating extreme and brutal attacks of flash war games. Because of the heavy materials used for the additional protection, it is slightly hard to maneuver.