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Play Paris Hilton Scary online flash game


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To walk: just click on any part of the floor (walkable of course). To interact with person/object: click on it and choose an action: mouth (talk, taste, bite, etc.), hand (grab, take, punch, etc) or eye (to have a description of the desired element).
To trigger actions: drag and object of your inventory (located at the bottom of the screen) and drop it over any other element that is on the stage (put) or in the inventory itself (combine).
End dialogs: to end a dialog just press esc ky, to speed sentences up just click at any point of the screen.
The objective of free flash game Paris Hilton Scary is to survive Pigsaw's challenge and save Tinkerbell.
It’s Halloween and evil Pigsaw will forces Paris Hilton to play his diabolic game and face the deadliest terror villains of all times. To assure Paris will play the game, Pigsaw has kidnapped her beloved pet ‘Tinkerbell’, whom she will recover if she finishes the game!