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Play Penguins Attack TD 4 online flash game


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Welcome back soldier. Looks like these penguins will never give up, huh! Well as long as they keep coming, we'll keep splatting them. Letting penguins reach the exit will cost you lives. Build towers by clicking on the icons at the bottom or use keys 1-8.
In free online game Penguins Attack TD 4 as you place towers you can see which route the penguins will take through the level.
Killing penguins makes them drop gold, that can be used to build and upgrade your weapons. Any money you have is shown at the bottom. Remember to collect as much dropped gold as possible. You can call the next wave of penguins at any time by clicking the timer bar. Ground based enemies in flash games will try to find the shortest path to the exit. Flying enemies will fly straight to the be ready for them. Each penguin type has strengths and weaknesses, try to learn what works best for each type.
Some towers have extra effects, like fire or poison.
Get out in flash game and stop those penguins.