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Play Pick and Dig 3 online flash game


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In Pick and Dig 3 online adventure game you have to help small purple character collect money and diamonds. Click arrow keys to move, press Up to enter the door. All collected items need to be carried with you through the exit door, or they are not rewarded to you. The red indicator on the door shows how many additional coins are possible to collect on the level and presence of a jem on this level.
When you see a pick - select it. It can be used only once in one place, to break through a brick wall. Press keys 3 or C to use a pick. When you pick a ladder, it can help you to reach the top, but can be placed only in one place. Press 1 or Z to set the ladder in online adventure game.
In the shop of flash games you can select the training programm to be able to climb the cliffs, or reach the ladder without bottom part, or climb the two vertical walls.
To open the entrance to the next level, you need to pick up enough coins from previous levels. Press 2 or X when you are standing on the brick floor to use a shovel. Collect all the keys in the levels of online game to unlock the door.