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Play Planet Hulk Gladiators online flash game


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Choose your gear in Planet Hulk Gladiators online fighting game and fight against you opponent. None: the ultimate challenge. Fight without a weapon or armor for maximum speed. Earn maximum points while playing. Light: Hulk has some armor and a weapon. A nice balance of speed and power. Earn standard point while playing. Heavy: the Hulk is outfitted for maximum protection and attack power. He is slower and you earn less points while playing.
Use arrow key in flash games to move. X - main attack, Z - kick, C - block, Space - jump. Jump + X = Air Attack, Jump + Z = Air Kick, Shift = smash, V = shield bash.
Shield - activates invincibility mode, heart - restores life, boot - increases speed, fist - increases damage.
The Red King is having a challenge. Survive nine contests of intense combat of flash game against the best of Sakaar and the King may grant your freedom. The Spike are mindless and ultra violent beings that are feared across the planet. Prepare to be assimilated.