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Poker Machine free flash game is a simulation of the classic poker machines, except that you don't have to insert any coin in your computer:)
The goal of this highly addictive game is to make different combinations of cards, which will be rewarded. If you have never played a Poker game before and terms “Fill House” are unknown to you, don't give up.
First of all, have a look in the panel in the right. There are three fields. Credit represents the amount of money you have available for the game. You will start with 1.000 credits. Next is the Bet field. Here you see how many credits you bet for the current game. You may change the bet with the “+” and “-” buttons.
Higher bets in online game mean higher prizes if you win. The Win field shows how much money you have won in the current game.
When you press Deal button you'll be given five cards. Remember your goal in free online casino game is to obtain special combinations of cards, like a pair or three cards with the same number. You have to decide which cards you want to keep and which to discard. To keep a card, press the Hold button underneath the desired card. You may keep as many as few cards as you like.
When you done, press Deal. If you were clever or lucky or both and you've won something, you'll see it . There's a chance to double your winning or lose it all. This is called Risk.
All you have to do in this online game is to guess the color of the next card in the deck. If you think it will be a red one, press “+”, if you think is a black one, press “-”. After this a new game will start