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Play Poker Roman Architect online flash game


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The Roman Empire is expanding and the Emperor dreams of a city that will be the Empire's crown jewel. You have been summoned to undertake this task of creating heaven on earth. You have to seek the resources that you need to construct magnificent structures while staying within the funds allotted to you by the Emperor in online cassino game.
Domus was the type of housing meant for the elite of the Roman society. Your initial task is to construct a Domus from the funds that are made available to you.
The objective of Poker Roman Architect free board online game is to collect the four resources needed to construct a building by playing four different types of poker games. You will be given starting funds which you will bet to win the resources i.e. Gold, Marble, Wood and Stone. You will lose the game if your balance runs out.
Select the resource that you wish to play for. The relevant poker game will start. Click the Deal button to get 5 cards. Click the cards you wish to keep, these cards will be marked as Hold. Click the Draw button to draw new cards in place of discarded ones. If you win, the winnings will be displayed. Continue with Step1 or use the Menu button to return to selection screen.
Playouts in free flash games are based on standard poker winning hands. The paytables for each type of game are different and are displayed above the play area during the game. Understand the payoffs well before making the Hold and Draw decisions.
Jacks or Better: a pair of cards above ten. 2 pair: 2 pairs of cards of same value. 3/4/5 of a kind: 3/4/5 cards of same value. 5 card combo is 4 of a kind and a wild card. Straight: a sequence of 5 consecutive cards. Flush: all 5 cards of one suit. Full house: combo of a pair and 3 of a kind. Straight flush: 5 card sequence of same suit. Royal flush: AKQJ10 sequence of same suit. Wild: 2 or deuce acts as a wild card in the game "Deuces Wild".