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Quibbles are the small, short-haired mammals with big heads and squishy bodies. Their bodies are covered with short, velvety fur. The fur is green, with numerous yellow spots on the back. Their arms and legs are hairless and rubbery and they have big red noses.
On the top of their head is a flexible stalk, on the end of which is a big, round, purple doily-pop. The purpose of the doily-pop is surrounded in mystery, as Quibbles are quite secretive about them. Many scientists believe that it plays a role in reproduction.
In Quibble Race online game, three professional gamblers are vying for a title of “Gambler Extraordinaire”. To do this, they’ll have to make smarter bets, better decisions, and ultimately more cash than their two opponents. They’ll also have some of the seediest characters in the galaxy at their disposal: Loan Sharks, Thugs, and other pseudo-criminal types are all waiting to give someone an edge in the next race. The problem is that they don’t care who – their loyalty lies with whomever’s got the most cast at the moment.
The title screen presents you with three buttons: “Play”, “Options”, and “Help”. The Help button brings up the menu you can read to learn more about the game. After starting, you will be prompted to set up the players. There are always three players in a game of Quibble Race, each of which can be Human- or Computer controlled. After setting up the players, the game will begin.
At the player selection screen, you can choose to either Quickstart a game, which sets up a game automatically for you for either one, two or three Human players, or you can choose to manually setup each player yourself.
Prior to each race, all human players take their turns in sequence. On a player’s turn he can place bets, borrow money, and manage any other necessary tasks.
At the upper-left side of the menu screen is an information bar displaying the current round of the game and whose turn it is. At the left are shown the three Quibbles involved in the upcoming race, along with important information about them. This information includes the Quibble’s name, win percentage, races run, and the name of the sponsoring player (if there is one).
To borrow money you have to talk to the loan shark. To do so, just click the corresponding button on the menu screen. Making good money sometimes requires a few shady maneuvers. There are 6 of such specials to buy.
You can make a little extra cash on the side by sponsoring Quibbles. Clicking the “Sponsor” button will take you to your stables. Sponsored Quibbles earn you money in two main ways: first, every time one of your sponsored Quibbles is involved in a race you will earn money equal to the Quibble’s win percentage.
Quibble Race uses a fairly realistic system of determining odds and payoffs that’s based on the ancient sport of horse racing that humans played on Earth hundreds of years ago.