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Welcome to Arx Prime, commander! Before we send you off to defend the colonies, we've got a bit of a training exercise lined up, therefore you understand how things operate out. There's a few bomb drones headed your way right now, so try and get some Flak Guns up on the towers. Take a look at the colonist-occupied Hab Blocks in the center of the colony. The safety of colonists is your primary concern in all missions. Right now they're awfully vulnerable, so set up a few armor blocks on top of the Hab blocks. You can use shift-click to build many blocks at once in Rise of the Colony online strategy game. When you see a lot of incoming enemy, you'll probably want to add a few more guns to your defense, and perhaps more towers as well. It's generally a good idea to place your weapons away from any Hab Block. Enemies will focus their fire on your colonists, so guns located elsewhere are more likely to survive.
For your first mission in flash game, go take a look at Alpha Colony's defenses. They've had some recent sightings of raiders, and they're not well enough equipped to handle things on their own.