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Two small hooligans decided to have fun shooting each other with petard from the roofs of neighboring houses. Choose one of the petards, you have some available or need to buy additional. Each of them has its own power. Estimate the trajectory of flight taking into account the wind and power of the shot in order to reach the opponent. Don’t forget to hide behind the constructions and move.

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Magi: The Fallen World is an Action-Rpg online game. You are given an extensive list of inventory that you can use - start with choosing your character, weapons to fight. There are lots of interesting things to explore - dungeons, lost treasures that guarantee an endless adventure. Watch out for explorable spots on your way. Upgrade your skills and equipment as you proceed.

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My Sweet Dog is an online game where you meet a cute little puppy Frodo. Be patient with him as he is still little and needs clear instructions.
Make sure that all the basic needs are green to have a happy puppy and in order to proceed to the next level.

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Meet Cyber Chaton - it is a virtual kitty that you need to take care of. Feed it, play with eat, clean up - to be short, take best care of it to make it happy. Play with the Chaton online. If you like the game, add it to your favorites once you create your account.

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My Cute Puppy is a simulator game. If you want to get a puppy but have doubts as for being able to take care of it, try playing this online game first. Learn how to wash the puppy, how to dry its fur, file its paws, and how to feed. If you succeed with all the tasks, you can go straight to the shop and get a real puppy!
Play My Cute Puppy online for free.

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Flower Simulator is a good manuel like type of a game. Choose your seed, water it, cover from the sun, and enjoy seeing it grow. Create the best conditions for it and be rewarded - it will bloom. You can play the Flower Simulator game online for free.


Welcome the french guy Michel who is on his quest to save the world. There can be only one hero. Fire the cannon and drown the pirate's vessel before he drowns yours. Drag the arrow with the mouse to set the velocity and speed of the cannon. Play Michel Saves the World 2 - Pirates of the Seven Seas online game for free.

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Zombie Marching! Play and fight against them! This is a combination game - use your puzzle skills to swap the tiles and get your resources to fight. Once you get more money go to the shop to buy some upgrades. This online game is very addicting, so be careful! Don't miss your appointment! :D

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Aim...Shoot! You have only 20 seconds for each turn, so try not to miss it. Carefully set the missile trajectory counting the wind - it's goinf either against you or in front of you. Shoot the enemy using your mouse. Click your unit, then drag to set the angle and power, release it to shoot.
Destroy all the enemies! Platform War game will take some of your time to get a hand of it. Although, you can play it online for free.