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The evil Glorg has kidnapped your friends "Red" and "Green". After realizing what happened you feel immediately obliged to rescue them before it's too late. You don't know what awaits in these dangerous lands... fortunately you've got only one true passion: Jump and Run.
Greetings my blue fried in free platform online game Running Blue. Press arrows to walk. You can jump by pressing arrow up or X. Hold it longer to jump higher.
Watch out for enemies. Defeat them by throwing bombs (Ctrl or C). Or jump on their heads. Throwing a bomb while pressing arrow down will reduce its tossing range.
Get some flying lessons by holding arrow up or X after hitting a jumppad.
Destroy crates in platform flash game by jumping on top of them or just blow them up. They often contain goodies. You can turn the music off/on in flash game by pressing M. Same for the sound with S.