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More and more safari parks are getting transformed into hunting ground every day. Nobody knows who's behind this, but ever since the Safari Park started losing money, they are threatening to destroy it. The Park needs your help. Every day in Safari flash game you will receive challenges. Your first main challenge is to collect 2 stars by the end of the day. Bonus challenge is to collect 5 start by the end of the day.
You need to revive all parks, so let's start with USA. When visitors come in, they first check your park to see which animals they want to see. Once clicked the visitor will pay the entrance fee and get into the car. Coins are important because you will use them to buy upgrades later. In free flash game you can choose your preferred view. You can see the names of the animals when you click the passengers button. You can also roll over the animal icon to get the complete animal image. Click the animal to drive the visitor there, and he will take a photo of the animal. Visitors have golden review stars to award you. To collect the golden star, you have to take the visitor to the exit.
When a visitor has photographed all animals he wanted to see, the Exit sign will appear, letting you know how many visitors want to be driven to the exit.
The silver trophy in the challenge bar of flash game represents the main challenge, while the bonus challenge is represented by the gold trophy.