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One of our outposts is being attacked by the Gual. Help the Romans defend it and learn how to play online games. Caesar. Thanks the Gods you have arrived. Vercing has begun a massive attack on our border. Your enemy is close, use arrows, but it might not be enough, when they decide to charge full force. The arrows aren't enough to hold them off. Keep your arrows and catapults firing in flash game. Don't forget to reload your supplies. Use WASD or arrow keys to move the screen.
You start the online game playing for Romans, but later on you can select another nation. The Romans are quite balanced in the ways of melee, ranged, and magical attacks. They also have powerful seige weapons.
The Gual of flash games focus on brute strength to crush their enemies with direct melee attacks. They are limited in the ways of spells and technology.
Not much is known about the Boarathian Tribe, only that they are extremely aggressive and protective of their land.