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The Slob is an interesting and fun platform online game. Move with arrow key, try jumping to the platform where necessary. You are a slug... keep an eye on your pH level on the pH graph. The pH scale spans from 0-14: the number 7 is the normal pH level. If you find yourself out of balance. It will hurt.
Things like oranges or citrus in flash game can add acidity to your system where things like soap can raise the akaline. Be careful what you eat.
Super Slime can balance out your pH levels so that you don't die. Watch out for dangerous plants/fungi.
Not all plants are harmless, be careful. Tube worms are a sign of a high alkaline soil. Don't expose yourself too long to alkaline. Sulfer vents have a high pH level. Try not to touch them unless you have high acidity.
Watch out for dangerous machinery. This will be your first and last warning. Up ahead in flash game there is a nest with eggs in it. You can steal the eggs but they might belong to something.