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Play Smiley Trap 2 online flash game


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The Smileys are leaving their homes and wondering around aimlessly in free flash game Smiley Trap 2. Catch them with your Smiley Trap and teleport them to the school in time.
Catch the Smileys by matching sets of 3 of the same color. Rotate the board with Z and X. Smileys will get upset when they hit the sides of the board, until they explode. The longer you take to form a match of 3, the more upset the Smileys will become until they fade away.
The center of the SmileyTrap is filled in first, and whenever it is empty. The quicker you form sets of 3, the more points you will get. Smileys bouncing off your SmileyTrap, will cost you 1 heath bar per hit.
Gain 1 health bar each time you form a match of 3. Move your mouse over the left panel for more information about how to play free flash games of such genre.