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Some 65,000,000 years ago the dinosaurs ruled the earth a small planet at the end of Arjahun sector. Human always thought them to be stupid animals, what they did not know is that one of them the Destoy was much smaller than humans are. That race lived in peace, with no wish for expansion. But when the Destoy scientists discovered an asteroid that is about to crash into the earth, they knew they have no choice but to leaving or to be extinct. Many years later, a new race now rule this planet - the human, but the Destoys have never forgot their ancient homeland.
In the other side of the Arjahun, lives safely the Kweipomic (a powerful race living in a planet called Kweipom) female regent.
Her lonely days in the royal palace have come to an end as she met Lauthus, a Zoy (another race in Arjahun) general. But they were discovered by evil maid called Tixhegall, when the kweipom ruler was told about this, he exiled the princes and her lover away from Kweipom in flash game.
Homeless and raged, the unwanted couple made his way to Amis Zoy - the Zoy home planet. There, they earned the trust pf the locals, and persuade them to get into a revenge war against the Kweipom in online game.
After years of endless battles, an old Destoy women came to lauhus. That women was Tixhegall. "How dare you come here!" he shout, "I can kill you in a moment!". "Silent" she said, "I'mhere to help, if you wish to know how to defeat the Kweipom, you must know about the Arjahum spine".
Made of eight planets, the one who will rule the entire spine of Arjahun, will gain its incredible power, so she said and vanished in a flash of light, was it real, or only a vision in free flash games?
What he doesn't know, is that he wasn't the only one to see that vision. 3 other saw that women as well. The leaders of the strongest races in Arjahun, the Destoy, Kweipom and Zoy. Now, each one of the four with its own reason wish to hold the entire spine, and it's great power.
You start free online space game with two planets - Dolanim and Vayom. The game Space Empires is a turn based. That mean you can play only on your turn.