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Play Spider Man 2: Web of words online flash game


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Welcome to Spider Man 2: Web of words online word game. Spell words and climb buildings to help Spider Man keep the city from Doc Ock. Your goal is to advance Spader Man through each level by spelling words. Depending on the game mode, a level is finished when Spidey reaches the top of building or completes a head-to-head confrontation with Doc Ock.
Spell words by typing on the letters tiles. When you have a word ready, click the Submit button or press the enter key. The more words you spell the higher Spidey climbs. Take too long to spell a word and Doc Ock will attack. Typing letters and pressing Enter key is much faster than using the mouse. Spell longer words for a better score. Earn extra points by completing challenges in the lower left corner of the scree in free online game. Bonus tiles are earned by spelling words of 4 or more letters.
Web of Words is played by spelling words with letter Tiles. Spell a word with 4 or more letters to earn a bonus tile. Normal, Silver, Gold, Wild: can be used as any letter, Heart: heals spider man hit the space bar to use, Spidey Sense: automatically spells a high value word, hit the 1 key to use.
When Spider man is climbing the building in flash game, there are challenges in the lower-left corner of the game window. Spell words with the same number of letters as there are boxes. Do this the number of time indicated and you will complete the challenge and earn a special tile in online game.
New game menu will start the game with settings displayed in the game mode button. Game mode allows you to choose one of three game modes, the level of difficulty and whether to display hints during gameplay.
There are three modes of the online word game: standard, timed and bonus only. You can also set the difficulty level and whether or not to see hints.