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Play Sponge Bob Carnival online flash game


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In Sponge Bob Carnival free online multi-player game you will be able to go through many interesting mini-games and compete with your friend. Move to the Carnival map and select the game you want to start with. Sundae Splatter - complete as many sundaes as possible in the limited time. Deep sea sharpshooter – use your bubble gun to shoot the bad guys but not the good guys. Shoot Mr. Krabs for more times. Ring Fing – toss rings on the giant sea urchin's spikes to score points.
Whack-an-eel – whack the eels before they can hide. Also look out for Plankton and the Lightning Eel for bonus points. Sea your strength – strike strong and make bell ring the bell. Tic-tac curacy – aim in time to throw the pearls into a Tic Tac Toe board. Basket Barrel – time your moves to shoot into the barrel. Puffer pop – blow up the puffer fish till they're bound to burst. Play free flash game and have fun. Good luck in multi-player online game